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Launch of the Interpat South Korea IP Study

June 14, 2023- June 14, 2023/ -

Value of IP for health and growth : The economic benefits of strengthening the innovation environment in South Korea.

We are excited to launch a new report on IP in South Korea .

The study will be presented at Interpat’s Summer General Assembly in Seoul  on Wednesday 14 June 2023 and will form the basis of discussion for a panel of experts moderated by Andrew Jenner

The objective of the study is to:

1. Set out the policy framework for supporting innovation in South Korea and the current state of innovative activity
2. Undertake a case study analysis on countries with potential lessons from other countries which may represent an opportunity for South Korea
3. Develop scenarios as to how innovative activity could change in South Korea, if policies adopted in other countries were pursued



Vice President, Charles River Associates

Hyun-Sang Muk

CEO of Korea Drug Development Fund

Tae-II Park

Presiding Judge, Seoul Western District Court


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