INTERPAT Innovation Seminar, 14-15 November 2022, Mexico City, Mexico

“IP Challenges and contributions for the society 5.0 in Latin America”

The Interpat Innovation Seminar was held in Mexico City, co-hosted by AMIIF and FIFARMA and in coordination with Daniel IP.

Society 5.0 refers to the concept of a human-centered community that balances economic and technological development with a focus on addressing social problems. Rapid innovation and technological change have been evident across Latin America, also bringing complex challenges for IP practitioners. Meanwhile, governments across the region have been forced to act by developing national strategies, imposing economic and educational reform, and putting in place appropriate legal frameworks to face the new scenario.

To further address these issues we brought together industry and IP experts from across Latin America to share their experiences and evaluate future strategies for Society 5.0 in Latin America. The 2-day event included Expert Panels, Interaction, and networking. The seminar was attended by prominent judges, officials, experts, and entrepreneurs from across Latin America who are at the forefront of these issues in practice

Topics addressed by the panels included:



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